Questions to International Law Students…

What other ICJ cases would you find most useful to be summarized in this blog?

What other international law topics would you like to see covered in this blog?

This will help me to prioritize.

Please post your comments on the comments box below. Thanks!



    1. Thank you. Will add more on the treaties soon. On Ghana vs Togo – I presume this is what you are referring to? As per the website, the case seems to be ongoing. This seems to be the last order made by the Tribunal:

  1. Hi, I find koskenniemi’s report on fragmentation of international law a very interesting subject indeed.
    It is not new, but gives a good picture of international law’s current status and possible outcomes, from which comparisons can be drawn between domestic and international law.

    Other interesting topic is the one about recent ICJ’s ruling on Marshall islands – in particular about not existing an international controversy [and I highlight Judge Cançado Trindade’s opinion].
    And finally, I would suggest something related to current inteactions between humanitarian law and international human rights law – the use of human rights law tools for hindering human rights violations when humanitarian law would work, is this an overlapping? is it a pattern?
    Well, that’s it, thanks for the Blog

  2. This doesn’t answer your question. However, I would be grateful if you can shed some light on the limits of the United for Peace resolution 377A of the GA and why isn’t it being used more often. Thanks.

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