About the blog

The blog was created in 2011 to offer students, irrespective of their origins or access to educational material, free material and information on fundamental principles of public international law. The views expressed in this blog are those of the contributor alone and does not reflect those of organisations and institutions she is, or was, affiliated with in a professional capacity.

About the contributor

Ruwanthika Gunaratne is a lecturer in public international law, including international humanitarian law (IHL). She is a Sri Lankan national. Admitted as an Attorney-at-Law in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, she has a Masters in International Law, with honours, from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. She is  a graduate of the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, where she graduated, with honours, as a Dental Surgeon. Ruwanthika worked previously for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Ministry of External Affairs, Sri Lanka, and the Ministry of Justice, United Kingdom. She can be contacted via ruwanthikagun@gmail.com.


  1. Dear Dr. Gunaratne,
    I just want to say that I really enjoy your blog. I’m taking international law at the University of Toronto right now, and your insightful analysis is a really great supplement in helping me understand these often convoluted reading.

    Thank you,

  2. Dear Dr. Gunaratne

    I am not only much impressed by your critical analysis of various subjet matters on public international law but also really benefitted from your notes in the blog. I am LLM student of international law at Tribhuwan University right now. Going through your lines, I feel I am taking your lecture lively. I am sincerely grateful for your profound contribution on knowledge sharing with the students irrespective of their origin.

    Thank You
    Amrit Kharel

  3. For a first year masters student of IL your papers on customary law and the north sea cases are particularly helpful.

    Suggest there is merit in considering a condensed almost dot point attempt of the topics covered in International Law by Evans would be a large but useful project.

    Sometimes as a student it is worth having the super condensed version to read before we dive into the texts and more detailed articles

    Your writing style would be particularly suited to a summary of a text book



  4. Dear Dr Ruwanthika Gunaratne,
    Thank you. I have an exam in a few hours and nothing has helped me in a whole academic year of studying PIL as has your blog just hours before. Thank you once again.


  5. Thank you so much Madam Ruwanthika Gunaratne. This blog really assisted me towards my final exam LLB in Fiji Islands. Must recommend this blogs to my Law friends

  6. Dear Dr. Ruwanthika Gunaratne

    1st of all iam international relations’s student from university malaysia sabah. Now iam in second semester and iam taking public international law subject which is one of the compulsory subject of international relations.

    i just want to say thank you because your blog really help me as my references to find more about public international law. i hope you may add more about the case that would be legal authority. tq.

  7. Thank you very much Dr. Gunaratne for this helpful blog. I am a student at Qatar University – and this blog has helped me immensely for my PIL Course.

  8. Quiet grateful for the website as i am doing international studies.It gives an insight to various cases of law that are informative and the pristine detail used in writing these essays makes you step into the past and become a part of the story.

  9. I am scheduled to write my final Public International Law exam today, at the University of Namibia. I’ve gone through a variety of sources for the Nicaragua v. USA case, but none of them provided me with summary that I could grasp like you have! I am panic-free, and will def. ace that exam!!

    May the Lord keep you. Your blog is absolutely amazing!!


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