Pinochet Case (Extracts)

“A former head of state only has immunity with regard to his acts as a head of state but not with regard to acts which fall outside his role as head of state. A head of state may be treated as the state itself and entitled to the same immunities. A former head of stateContinue reading “Pinochet Case (Extracts)”

Julian Assange and Law of Diplomatic Immunities

Extract from ASIL Insight: On June 19, 2012, Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, walked into Ecuador’s embassy in London and requested diplomatic asylum from the Ecuadorian government. Assange’s aim in seeking asylum was to prevent the U.K. from extraditing him to Sweden, where he is wanted by the Prosecution Authority for questioning in relation to allegations ofContinue reading “Julian Assange and Law of Diplomatic Immunities”