Anglo Norwegian Fisheries Case (Summary on Customary International Law)

Case Name: Anglo Norwegian Fisheries Case (UK vs Norway) Court: International Court of Justice (Contentious Case) Year of Decision: 1951.  The Court was asked to decide, amongst others, the validity, under international law, of the methods used to delimit Norway’s territorial sea/ fisheries zone. We will not discuss the technical aspects of the judgment relating to the delimitation, butContinue reading “Anglo Norwegian Fisheries Case (Summary on Customary International Law)”

Lotus Case (Summary)

Name of the Case: The Lotus Case (France vs Turkey); Year of the decision: 1927; and Court: PCIJ.
Overview: A collision occurred on the high seas between a French vessel and a Turkish vessel. Victims were Turkish nationals and the alleged offender was French. Could Turkey exercise its jurisdiction over the French national, in accordance with international law?