ILC issues first report on customary international law

Background:  During its sixty-fourth session, in 2012, the International Law Commission (ILC) decided to place the topic “Formation and evidence of customary international law” on its current programme of work, and appointed Michael Wood as Special Rapporteur. In his first report, Michael Wood outlined his proposed contribution. He discussed  earlier work of the ILC onContinue reading “ILC issues first report on customary international law”

Asylum Case (Summary)

Name of the Case: Asylum Case (Colombia/Peru); Court: International Court of Justice Year of the decision: 1950 Overview: Colombia granted asylum to a Peruvian, accused of taking part in a military rebellion in Peru. Was Colombia entitled to make a unilateral and definitive qualification of the offence (as a political offence) in a manner bindingContinue reading “Asylum Case (Summary)”