Lotus Case (Summary)

Name of the Case: The Lotus Case (France vs Turkey); Year of the decision: 1927; and Court: PCIJ.
Overview: A collision occurred on the high seas between a French vessel and a Turkish vessel. Victims were Turkish nationals and the alleged offender was French. Could Turkey exercise its jurisdiction over the French national, in accordance with international law?

Lesson 6.2. Types of Extra-Territorial Criminal Jurisdiction

Note: This lesson should not be considered a comprehensive overview. It was used as a supplement to classes conducted in 2010.  In this lesson, we discussed the basis of criminal jurisdiction of a national court when offenses are committed in the country and abroad. These are: Territorial jurisdiction Jurisdiction based on nationality Passive Personality Principle Protective PrincipleContinue reading “Lesson 6.2. Types of Extra-Territorial Criminal Jurisdiction”