An Introduction to Public International Law

Welcome to Public International Law

This blog introduces students to principles of public international law.

This blog was created in 2011 to provide students with free resources on public international law, with the aim to facilitate equal access to learning material, irrespective of their backgrounds.

Case Summaries

This section contains summaries of cases of the International Court of Justice, regional courts, and domestic courts.

Case Summaries

Customary Law

North Sea Continental Shelf Cases
A maritime boundaries dispute between Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. When does State practice become customary law?
ICJ, 1969.

Use of Force

Nicaragua Case
Military and paramilitary activities of the US in Nicaragua. Did the US violate the use of force principles?
ICJ, 1986.

State Immunity

Germany vs Italy
Italian courts allow civil claims against Germany. Did Italy violate Germany’s jurisdictional immunity rights?
ICJ, 2012.


DRC vs Uganda
Ugandan troops in the DRC. Did Uganda occupy DRC territory?
ICJ, 2005.


Lotus Case
A collision in the high seas between a French and a Turkish vessel. Can Turkey exercise its jurisdiction over a French national?
PCIJ, 1987.

Basic Concepts of International Law

This section answers some of the basic questions when learning international law.

If you have questions or comments you may either make it in the comments section, or send me an inquiry using the following form.

Dr. Ruwanthika Gunaratne

Ruwanthika Gunaratne is a lawyer specializing in international law, international humanitarian law, sanctions and gender. The views expressed may not necessarily reflect those of any organization with which the author is or has been affiliated.

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