Hierachy between Jus Cogens Norms and State Immunity

In the case of State immunity see…

Germany vs Italy. Click here for the  judgement.  


In the case of Heads of State/ Members of Government see…

Jones vs Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia. Click here for the judgement. 

Pinochet (No 3). Click here for the judgement. 




  1. In common law, judges have to go by precedents when hearing a case. Does this also apply in International Law? Is this also what Article 38 (1) of the Statute of the ICJ mentions in part 4 as general principles of law and opinions of jurists?
    Also, can a precedent be changed over time? And if so, how is this done?

  2. I would love to be a part of this email. This is very informative especially as I now doing Public International Law in my area of study and which is a new thing to me. Thank you for making the site available for students like myself who have to work and go to school in the evenings plus balance our family lives. Good work

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